Bridge Marketing = Producing win-win opportunities with ASEAN and Japan

CROONER is a bridge marketing agency formed in April of 2013. Introducing Japanese brands, products, contents and services to ASEAN, we aim to increase the number of people who maintain an interest in Japan.

Coming from years of experience in engaging Japan fans through our work with clients, CROONER’s strength lies in visualizing target segments and the know-how that we possess in engaging them.

Our team, composed of employees and interns who are themselves from this pool of Japan fans, are constantly updating themselves on the popular topics related to Japan. In this way, we gather the minute details that one situated in Japan might find difficult to grasp.

On the other hand, to contribute back into this pool, we have established a job-matching service, aimed to introduce Asia’s many excellent Japanese speakers to Japan. Serving to widen applicants’ prospects, we take it upon ourselves to educate them in 3 areas: contents, business, and global literacy. With this, we hope to play an active role in Japan’s increasing globalization.

Taking a careful yet bold approach, CROONER assumes the responsibility in crossing that bridge to establish win-win opportunities for all involved.

  1. Large scale events planning / management
  2. Japanese television programming / film sales & Localization
  3. Enterprise marketing strategy drafting
  4. Brand consulting
  5. Japan-bound travel promotion
  6. Asian consumer lifestyle surveys
  7. Media Planning
  8. Japanese artist/talent management

Business Partnerships

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331 North Bridge Rd, 03-04 S188720
+65 6224 3690
April 2013
SGD 100,000
Amuse Entertainment Singapore Pte. Ltd.
1st April to 31st March
Marketing, Communication Planning, Events Organization, Contents Sales


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Should you have any interest in our work, you are welcome to drop by our office.